Conference Outcomes

1. Participants will be able to share best practices in online learning, service learning and student engagement.

2. Participants will exposed to research focused on the teaching and learning process.

3. Participants will engage in networking and establish relationships with faculty from other campuses who are focused on best practices in teaching and learning, student success, and academic research.

4. Participants will understand the key innovative and engaged teaching and learning strategies for their respective research areas.

Presentations are invited for the following Faculty Development tracks:

Track 1 – Digital Practices for Engaged Learning: This track will address skills for engaging students in online learning, maximizing engagement, and ensuring accessibility

Track 2 – Innovation in the Classroom: This track will address innovative pedagogical practices that allow for students to express creative ways of demonstrating mastery of  subject matter, and connecting content to real-world application.

Track 3 – Service Learning and Civic Engagement: This track will focus on skills for developing equitable partnerships between the university and the regional community, and preparing students for engaged citizenship through service-learning course development.

Presentations are invited for the following Student Development tracks:

Track 1 – Preparing for the Academy: This track will explore the resources needed for those who aspire to junior faculty positions.

Track 2 – Service Learning and Civic Engagement: This track will focus on preparing students for engaged citizenship through service-learning.

Track 3 – Leadership Development: This track will provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to build skills for leadership.

Please note: Each presentation should be developed with attention to the areas of diversity and inclusion, interdisciplinary and community collaboration, and pedagogical approaches to improve student learning.